Do you dread trimming your Dachshund’s nails? Is it an unpleasant experience for both of you? Thankfully it doesn’t have to be if you follow the following steps.

1. Get your dog used to having their feet touched. Many dogs dislike having their feet touched, let alone their nails trimmed. Begin slowly, stroking and touching the feet and nails, not trimming them until your dog doesn’t react at all. This is easier with a puppy for whom nail trimming is a new experience, but even an adult can learn to enjoy a foot massage and nail trim.

2. Before starting a nail trim get together tools you will need – nail clippers, a nail file and styptic powder to stop the bleeding should you accidentally cut the blood vessel that runs through the nail.

3. When you start your first dachshund nail trim go slowly and only cut the tips of the nails. Within each nail is a blood vessel and nerve, called the quick, which bleed and hurt if cut. You want to make a nail trim a positive experience, so go slowly, cutting only a small section at a time until you see a pearl pink color appear (this indicates the beginning of the quick. If your dog has white nails you have an advantage in that you will be able to see the blood vessel and where it ends.

3. After cutting your dachshunds nails file them down with a nail file to remove any rough edges. Again this might be something that you need to work on over time as filing will be a new experience to your pup.


How often should you trim your Dachshunds nails?

Dogs nails should just  touch the floor when he walks.  You should not be able to hear them.  If you hear tapping then the nails are too long and it’s time for a trim.  The time between nail trims varies depending on the surfaces your dachshund walks,  but is typically once a month or so.