dachshund bitingA biting dog of any breed can be a danger to anyone who they meet. The first time your Dachshund nips or bites, you need to take immediate action and stop the behavior before it progresses further.
How to Stop Dachshund Puppies Biting

Dogs in the wild learn how to hunt when they are puppies. This is the best time for you to teach your Dachshund that biting is not allowed as they are easy to train, or retrain.

The biggest issue for many Dachshund puppies owners is that they are nipped or bitten by their puppies. They think that their puppies are playing, when in fact they really are biting and trying to hurt them, using their teeth to show that they (the Dachshund) are the dominant pack member. If you have a Dachshund biting as a puppy you need to start training immediately, while they are still willing to learn.

Training a Dachshund puppy not to bite can be accomplished using several methods, typically based on how the puppy would be reprimanded by its mother and litter mates. A quiet but high pitched cry when you are bitten, giving a toy to chew on in place of your fingers is a positive way to teach your Dachshund puppy that biting is not OK. If you continue to have problems with your Dachshund biting you should enroll in a training class or get a professional trainer to work one on one with your dog.
How to Stop an Older Dachshund Biting

As mentioned above, puppies nip to show they are the dominant member of the household. As they get older this turns to play biting, typically seen at around a year of age when you may find, for example, that if you wrestle with your Dachshund they will bite you. You need to stop any activity that involves dominant behavior, for example, tug of war or even rough play. Also set limits for your Dachshund. Keep them off the furniture, feed them after you have eaten, and crate train them. Again, enlist the help of a trainer if your Dachshund continues to bite.

If your Dachshund has been allowed to bite as a puppy and adolescent, the chances are you will have a much greater problem as they age. Dachshunds are strong willed and independent and have the potential to attack you if they think you are challenging their postion as pack leader. If your dog is an adult and is biting then you should get help from a behaviourist or professional trainer straight away. The risk of injury to you, your family or even strangers is something you cannot ignore

In summary, the best way to stop your Dachshund biting is not to let them start. Begin training as soon as you get your puppy and know to get professional help if you have a problem. There is no shame in admitting you have a problem, it is better to get help to stop your Dachshund biting than to put others at risk and possibly have to euthanize your beloved pet.

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