dachlyingWhen you think of Dachshund health issues the first thing that comes to mind is probably back problems. Along with many other breeds, Dachshunds also have skin problems, their owners being keen to find out the cause of, and how to stop their Dachshund scratching.

What Causes Dachshund Scratching?
Dachshunds scratch for several different reasons. Typically they scratch when they have an itch, such as from a flea bite, allergy or irritant in their environment.

When you see your Dachshund scratching, watch them closely. Do they have dandruff? Is their coat dull and coarse? Do they sneeze? If so your Dachshund probably has allergies and dry skin.

If you notice sores, spots or red areas, your Dachshund may have a skin infection or a parasite. Skin infections can cause your dog to become sick, so you should take them to see your veterinarian.

What you may not know is that Dachshund scratching can be a sign of a neurological problem. If your Dachshund is bored and doesn’t get enough exercise they can start licking and scratching continually,for what is often an unknown reason.

When to Worry About Scratching

If your Dachshund only scratches occasionally, you can generally ignore it. However, when they scratch for long periods or if you see any damage to their skin due to scratching you need to visit your veterinarian. In addition to a physical exam they your vet will likely do blood tests, skin scrapes, and possibly swabs and cultures to make certain that your Dachshund doesn’t have an underlying disease that is causing your dog to scratch.

How to Stop Your dog Scratching
Firstly treat any underlying problems your Dachshund may have. Give medications your veterinarian recommends and put your Dachshund on flea and tick prevention.

Once treated, you can deter your Dachshund from scratching and chewing by using things like bitter apple spray to stop chewing, or bandaging legs and using Elizabethan collars to stop the skin being damaged by scratching.

Remember, if your dog scratches every now and then, it’s just an itch and nothing to worry about, but if they sit and scratch endlessly or chew for hours at a time, there is something that you need to address.

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