dachpuppyDachshunds puppies are cute, full of energy and affectionate, but are also known to be independent, strong willed, stubborn and hard to train. Dachshund puppy training is not something that is going to be quick or easy. Their independent nature and stubbornness can prove challenging, but it is not insurmountable, training Dachshund puppies is possible.
To be successful puppy training should take into account the nature of Dachshunds. Dachshund puppies do well with positive methods such as clicker training, yummy food rewards, and short, frequent sessions where they are allowed to think that they are in charge.

Before starting puppy training, you need to take time to build up a bond with you puppy. Spend time with them, holding them and socializing them with other people, dogs and cats, exposing them to sounds such as thunder. Make certain that your Dachshund puppy lets you touch his feet, cut his nails, and check his mouth and ears. These are all things that puppies get used to quickly, but that can be problems for adult Dachshunds who have not been trained.

Puppy training comprises not only obedience training, but also basic acceptable household behavior. Before working on commands like sit, stay and come your Dachshund puppy training should cover areas such as house training, biting, chewing, crate training and barking.

The key to training Dachshund puppies is to start young and be consistent. All family members need to know how to train your Dachshund and be sure they are not giving mixed messages (e.g. one person lets them onto the sofa, another doesn’t).

As mentioned above, always use positive, fun, training methods such as clicker training, and never hit or shout at your Dachshund puppy. Dogs do not understand your anger and if you hit them you can have problems with aggression later on. As they say “patience is a virtue” and this is very true with Dachshund puppy training. Stay happy and calm even when you feel frustrated, and be certain to immediately give loads of praise and a treat to reinforce a desired behavior.

Dachshund puppies have a limited attention span, so be sure to keep sessions short, at a maximum, 15 minutes at a time, shorter if you notice they have lost interest. These short sessions are great for training Dachshund puppies basic obedience commands such as “sit” “stay”, “come” and how to walk on a slack leash.
Training may seem difficult when you first get your new puppy. You will find that a Dachshund is a loyal, attentive dog but only if you lay down ground rules early and make sure your Dachshund continues to see you as pack leader and follows your instructions in the future.

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