All Dachshund owners need to house break their puppy or dog, to let them know where they can, and cannot go to the bathroom.  House training is something many owners dread, but it need not be difficult.

Setting Ground Rules

Dachshund house training should be started as soon as you get your Dachshund, be it as a puppy or an adult. Before starting house training you have to understand a couple of things. Firstly, NEVER punish a dog when they make a mess. They do not understand what they have done wrong and punishing them by say rubbing their nose in their mess will just cause behavior problems later in life. Secondly, be certain that you give lots of praise and even a treat when your puppy goes to the bathroom where you want them to – this reinforces to them that this is the right thing to do.

Dachshund House Training Techniques

There are two commonly used techniques you can use when house training a Dachshund; both need you to be involved and consistent in your approach

Puppy Training Pads

Puppy training pads are squares of absorbent paper and cotton material on a plastic backing material. To begin Dachshund house training place a training pad on the floor in the place where you want your puppy to go to the bathroom. Watch your puppy closely for signs that they need to urinate or defecate (e.g. sniffing at, or scratching at, the ground) and as soon as you see something take your puppy to the training pad, praising them when they go on the pad. It won’t take long for your Dachshund puppy to learn that this is their bathroom and for them to go there when they need to urinate or defecate.

Once your puppy is reliably using the pad, start moving it closer to your back door. Eventually you will be able to put it outside and then dispose of it all together as your Dachshund learns that they go outside to use the bathroom.
Crate Training

Many owners use a crate for dachshund house training. The idea is that your Dachshunds crate is just large enough for them to stand up, turn around and lie down in. Dogs do not like to go to the bathroom in the place where they sleep, which means that they will soon learn to keep their crate clean. You do however need to take your puppy out regularly. When they are young they simply cannot hold their bladder all day or all night and will eventually have to urinate in their crate.

Crates are not to be used to punish your Dachshund. Instead they should be seen as your dogs den, a place where they can retreat to be alone and feel safe.


What to Do When There is an Accident

Inevitably Dachshund house training will not always be plain sailing and accidents will occur. When this happens, simply clean up the mess and go about your business. Do not punish your puppy as they will not remember nor understand why they are being punished. They will become confused and anxious which can result in more significant behavioral problems in the future.
Dachshund House Training can be frustrating and hard work, but if you remain patient and reward positive trends you will be surprised at how successful you will be.

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