dachstandingAll dogs dig, but Dachshund digging can be a real problem for owners who have gardens and flower beds. You need to remember that Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, chasing them underground, digging into their dens to catch them.

Dachshunds dig for a variety of reasons. You need to work out the reason, deter them, and then find something that is more interesting for your Dachshund to do than dig.
In the majority of cases, Dachshunds start to dig because they are bored and need to burn off energy. Try giving your Dachshund lots of toys and treats to occupy them while you are away. A great option is a Kong, a hard rubber toy that is hollow. Soak your dogs kibble in water, pack the kong then freeze it and you will have something that will keep your Dachshund happy and busy for hours.

Exercise and training are ways that you can burn off energy. Taking your Dachshund on long walks at a decent pace and having them use their mind keeps them from becoming bored and will reduce Dachshund digging.

If your Dachshund is digging not due to boredom you may need to be more creative to stop them. To stop your Dachshund digging in your flower beds you can deter them by covering the area with netting or chicken wire. Most dogs will not try to dig through netting or wire, but for those that do you need to try a different approach so your dog doesn’t hurt their feet on the wire. You can also put up barriers to stop them getting to the places you don’t want them digging.
For Dachshunds who love to dig, you can channel their energy by building a digging area where they can dig as much as they want. You can use sand or soil in a raised bed, or children’s paddling pool, or simply fence off an area of your yard where they are allowed to dig, hopefully deterring them from your flowerbed.

Telling your Dachshund “No” in a firm voice when you catch them digging may be effective for some Dachshunds, but others will stop only until you have left, then they will strat again. It is worth trying this approach but don’t be surprised if you have little success.

Finally, you might want to try one of the many deterrent sprays that are available. Digging deterrents are variably effective and should carried at your local pet store.


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