dachshund chewingDo you have a problem with your Dachshund chewing? If so, especially if they are a puppy you need to remember that chewing is a natural desire. Dachshunds of all ages will chew for three reasons:

1. It’s fun and rewarding
2. They are bored or lonely
3. It gives them something to do

When you train your Dachshund to stop chewing your aim should not be to stop the chewing, but to remove temptation (put food and snacks well out of reach) and provide appropriate toys and chew items. In doing this, your Dachshund will no longer want to chew your shoes, clothes, books or tv remotes.
Why Stop Your Dachshund Puppy Chewing?
Dachshund puppies are cute, and you may be tempted to let them keep chewing on anything they want. At the other extreme, some people try to stop their Dachshund puppy chewing at all by shouting at it whenever it chews. Either approach will cause you problems in the longer term with chewing or other behavioral problems. What you need is an approach between the two extremes, teaching your Dachshund that some things are ok to chew, and other things are out of bounds.
How to Stop a Dachshund Chewing
If you have decided to stop your dachshund chewing the most important thing is that you should never punish them. Doing so will only confuse them and they will not learn what it was they did wrong. Take a positive approach:

Stop the Chewing Before it Starts – Keep your Dachshund in a dogproof are or crate train them to limit access to your possessions when you are not in the immediate area. Provide appropriate dog chew toys so your Dachshund starts to learn what they can chew on and what they can’t.

Behavior Modification – Teach your dachshund to chew on the right things. If you see them chewing on your tv remote, make a loud noise to stop them, take it away from them and instead give a dog toy, praising when they chew on that. This teaches and reinforces that the dog toy is ok to chew, the remote not. remember, always give a dog toy, never give old shoes or clothes as your Dachshund will not know the difference between your old and new things.

Keep Your Dachshund busy – Dachshund chewing is often a sign of boredom. Keep your Dachshund active, exercise them well and give them plenty of attention when you are with them. When you leave, try to provide them with interactive togs (e.g. stuffed Kong’s) to keep them busy and active. Try to have several different types of toys, rotating them every few days. This will also help to keep your Dachshund interested in the toy rather than your possessions.

No Chew Sprays – To stop a Dachshund chewing on your furniture you can use no chew spray, a safe spray made of bitter apple or pepper that tastes bad but will not harm your dachshund. They will very quickly learn that your sofa tastes bad and will stop chewing it.
The key to stopping a Dachshund chewing is consistency. Make house rules as to what they can chew and what they can’t and stick by them. Dachshunds are intelligent dogs and will quickly learn what they can and can’t chew, but remember to be realistic. It is likely that there will be mistakes as your dog learns the ropes and even when they know the rules.

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