dachshund chasingDoes your Dachshund chase after anything that moves? Dachshunds were originally bred to be hunters, so their high prey drive should be no surprise, but is something that you need to stop. Chasing cars, animals and people is dangerous and can be life threatening to your Dachshund, and walks can be difficult and unenjoyable with a Dachshund who pulls and lunges on the leash.

Retraining Methods
If you have a problem with your Dachshund chasing, you need to go back to basic training, keeping your Dachshund on a leash until the behavior is resolved.

There are four basic steps in training your Dachshund not to chase:

Get Their Attention
Work on getting your Dachshund to focus on and listen to you. Your Dachshund needs to accept that you are pack leader and in control before you can successfully address chasing behavior. Whenever you are out with your Dachshund make certain you have their attention. Have them sit and look at you before setting off, and whenever you stop during walks.

Walking on a Leash
If you have a problem with your Dachshund chasing while on a leash you need to review walking on a loose leash. Before you start walking, have your Dachshund sit by your side and look at you. If when you are walking they pull or lunge, stop moving. When the leash goes slack, call your Dachshund to you, have them sit and look at you, then proceed with your walk. If you do this every time your Dachshund pulls on the leash they will quickly learn that their walk stops if they pull.

Distract Them
If you know the situations that trigger your dachshunds chasing behavior, you can work on distracting your Dachshund. Take a favorite toy, and when you see them getting excited, bring out the toy and engage them with that, throwing it as an acceptable item to chase after.

If your Dachshund chases people you can use aversion techniques to stop them. Have someone walk or run past. When your Dachshund goes to chase them, have them stop, turn round and say “No”, at the same time spraying them with a water bottle. Most dogs will soon associate chasing with being sprayed and will stop. It should be noted however that this is something that should be tried cautiously. For some dogs, spraying them with water will exaccerbate the situation, potentially making them angry and more unpredictable.

Consider Professional Help
People will often turn to invisible fences or use shock collars in an attempt to stop their Dachshunds chasing. These methods are typically ineffective, and are not a positive way to train. If you can’t get your Dachsund to stop chasing then you should get the help of a veterinary behaviorist.

Having a problem with your Dachshund chasing people, cars or animals may seem like just a nuisance to be dealt with, however it can be dangerous to them and potentially costly to you should your Dachshund bite someone. Work on stopping chasing behavior the first time that you see it and protect both yourDdachshund and yourself.

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